Trade Facilitation

In a bid to improve competitiveness in international trade, the Jamaican government has implemented several trade facilitation measures.  Trade facilitation encompasses the simplification of trade procedures and the modernization of customs administration. Our facilitation efforts are concentrated in four main sectors:

Trade Facilitation

The main thrust of this sector is the online registration of all traders, via the trade facilitation web portals and the Ministry of Agriculture & Lands Trade System (MOATS). MOATS is an internet based system for facilitating the importation and exportation of agricultural products. Importers and Exporters can apply online for import permits and export certification.

By enrolling online, Exporters and Importers gain access to all trade-related agencies, such as the Plant Quarantine Unit, Veterinary Services Divsion, Jamaica Trade and Invest (JamPro), the Bureau of Standards and the Inland Revenue Department, in one convenient location.

The technology allows traders to make multiple payments for:

  • Permits
  • Licences
  • Duties
  • Taxes

Additionally, traders are provided with information on the pre-shipment process and circumstances under which they are exempt from registering. Exporters and Importers may also make arrangements for inspection(s) through the Internet facility.

Business Information

The Jamaican government, in its drive to assist local traders in increasing their competitiveness, has created information depositories on commerce and industry. Through, traders can access information relating to:

  • Product marketing
  • Investment opportunities
  • Port Statistics (cruise ship tourism, cargo imports, container outputs)
  • External Trade statistics
  • Caricom Trade statistics
  • Government Incentives (waivers of custom fees, tax exemptions, duty exemptions)


Transportation of produce is of great importance to any trader. Under the mandate of trade facilitation, the Jamaican government has been making improvements to the transport infrastructure and services offered.  Procedural and information hindrances to trade are being minimized through the creation of transport databases outlining:

  • Shipping requirements
  • Trans-storage requirements
  • Transport service providers (air, sea)
  • Documentation necessary for certification

The payment of transport processing charges is made easier through Jamaica Tradepoint, an e-payment facility available online.

Banking & Insurance

Local traders’ ability to compete on the international stage depends - in part - on their access to freight insurance and financing for the business expansion, which can place them at a disadvantage in the area of international trade.  JAMPRO (Jamaica Promotions Corporation) is the major facilitation channel in this area. Through its initiative, traders are provided with information on sources of financing and technical assistance. Additionally, JAMPRO is able to provide advice on the marketing and promotion of goods and services beyond national borders.