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Adaptability of the Anglo-Nubian Goat as Measured by Its Reproductive Parameter is a Nucleus Herd
David Miller

Characterization of the "Native" goat
D. Miller and D. Vermont

Commercial Meat Goat Project
David Miller and Jasmin Holness

Laying the foundation for genetic improvement of the Jamaica Goat: Selection and Performance of Imported Boer Goat Seed Stock
Dalton R. McWhinney, Louis C. Nuti, Freddie L. Richards, Alfred L. Parks, David L. Miller, Paul Jennings, Albert L. Fearon, and Ludlow A. McWhinney

Mixed Grazing of Cattle and Sheep
John Logan and P.G. Jennings

Mixed Grazing of Cattle and Sheep
J. Logan

Observations on the Lactation Curve in Dairy Goats at the Hounslow Goat Unit
D. Miller and C. Johnston

Oestrus Synchronization and Artificial Insemination of Goats
D. Miller

Preliminary Studies on the Boer Goat as a Potential Breed for Improving Meat Production in the Native Goat
David Miller

Reproductive Management of Does: The Effect of Postpartum Exposure to the Breeding Buck on Returns to Oestrus
David Miller

Reproductive performance of the Anglo-Nubian Goat in the Nucleus Herd at the Bodles Research Station - A Five Year Study: 1993-1997
David Miller

The Effect of Mulberry Leaf Meal on the Growth Performance of Weaner Goats in Jamaica
D. Miller, D. McDonald and F. Asiedu

The Effect of Supplementation of Dried Mulberry Leaf Meal on the Growth and Carcass Characteristics of young Boer and Crossbred Boer Goats in Jamaica
D. Miller, D. McDonald and F. Asiedu

The Effect of Varying roughage to Concentrate Ratios on Milk Production in Goats
D. McDonald

The Efficiency of Calliandra when fed in a Mixed Diet to Young Goats
Cordia Thompson, D. McDonald and P. Jennings

The Potential of Agro-Industrial by-Products for Ruminants
C. Gordon and D. McDonald

The use of Poultry Litter as an Inclusion in Rations Fed to Sheep
D. Miller, F. Asiedu and F. Douglas