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All island survey of yam weevil (Palaeopus costicollis Mshl.) in Jamaica
M.A. Sherwood

An integrated approach for managing hot pepper pests in the Caribbean
J.L. Lawrence, C.A. Edwards, Schroeder, R.D. Martin, F.D. McDonald and J. Goldsmith

An investigation into the Biology of the Yam weevil (Palaeopus costicollis Mshl.) – Preliminary Studies
M.A. Sherwood

Assessment of the hot pepper fruiting stage most susceptible to gall midge (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) infestation
J.G. Goldsmith

Chemical control of the broadmite (Polyphagotarsenemus latus Banks) on Hot Pepper
J. Goldsmith and O. James

Evaluation of a farmer’s pest management strategies for the control of whiteflies, thrips, aphids, and mites on Tindora as indicated by population dynamics
S. Harris

Factors Influencing Broad Mite and Predator Populations on Hot Peppers as Components of Broad Mite Integrated Pest Management. Persistence of Commonly-Used Pesticides on Hot Pepper Fruit and Foliage
C. A. Edwards, J. Goldsmith,D. Clarke-Harris,K. Dalip,F. Asiedu, S. Tolin, D. Robinson, and D. McClaughlin

Identification, Incidence and Characterization of Gall Midges Affecting Hot Peppers in Jamaica
J. Goldsmith

Mealybugs in Jamaica: Results from an island-wide survey
M.A. Sherwood

Symmetrischima capsicum (Povolny): Gelechidae) a new pest for Jamaica.
J. Goldsmith

The Biology, Ecology and Control of the Yam Weevil, Palaeopus costicollis Marshall, (Coleoptera; Curculionidae)
M.A. Sherwood

The efficacy of selected household soaps and oils and commercial insecticides against whiteflies on tomatoes
R. Knott