Current Projects
Diversification of the Caribbean Livestock Sector through the Production of Small Ruminants

This programme aims to improve the quality, quantity and availability of small ruminants in the region etc.

Jamaica Banana Accompanying Measures (JBAMs)

The programme is aimed at combatting poverty and improving revenues in the banana dependent areas of Jamaica

Sugar Transformation Unit (STU)

The Sugar Transformation Unit (STU) was established within the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MOAF) to oversee the effective implementation of the GOJís Sugar Adaptation Strategy.

NB. Report on the achievements of the STU to date - 2014

Food Safety Modernization Act

The Ministry has embarked on efforts to ensure that the country's food safety standards are compliant with those stipulated under the revised United States Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Dairy Sector Revitalization Programme

This programme aims to raise productivity levels on dairy farms in order to increase the local production of milk

Banana Export Expansion Programme (BEEP)

This project is geared towards increasing banana production with international standards, and developing the industry through technical and infrastructural support.

Previous Projects