European Union Banana Support Programme
Rural Diversification Programme

Component Title:

Rural Diversification  Programme (RDP)


European Union Banana Support Programme 

Executing Agency:

Ministry of Agriculture& Fisheries

Implementing Agency:

Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)

Programme Funding:

The European Union

Project Duration:

The Programme will end in 2013

Project Objectives:

The second component of the EUBSP is the Rural Diversification Programme (RDP) that provides support to those displaced as a result of the decline of the banana industry. The primary beneficiaries are displaced banana farmers, farm workers, port workers and their communities. These primary beneficiaries are those who may be seeking investment in other viable economic activities.  The RDP identifies, builds, and supports demand-driven and market-led sub-projects for farmers and other target groups in traditional banana producing communities. The projects supported agricultural and non-agricultural enterprises as well as other rural development activities. These projects are expected to improve rural income and ensure sustainability by utilising and building synergies with the private sector.

Expected Results:

Sustainable alternative agricultural and non- agricultural enterprise for those negatively affected by recent changes in the banana industry

Sustainable and viable alternative livelihoods developed involving agricultural and non-agricultural activities in banana producing parishes