European Union Banana Support Programme —
Banana Improvement Programme

Component Title:

Banana Improvement  Programme (BIP)


European Union Banana Support Programme 

Executing Agency:

Ministry of Agriculture& Fisheries

Implementing Agency:

Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA)

Programme Funding:

The European Union

Project Duration:

The Programme will end in 2013

Project Objectives:


The first component of the EUBSP is the Banana Improvement Programme (BIP) that provides support to banana and plantain farmers and continues to build upon the achievements of the ongoing SFA-funded programmes. The BIP continues to provide technical and financial assistance to improve the viability of Jamaica’s banana and plantain industries, including value added products, through improving productivity and efficiency.

Expected Results:

A certified domestic industry producing quality fruit and value added products able to sustain significant improvements in rural income in the six banana producing parishes

Improved institutional capacity of GOJ agencies, Ministries and other Rural Development Organizations to provide coordinated support to rural development in the six banana growing parishes of Jamaica

Competitiveness and economic sustainability of the Jamaica Banana Industry is strengthened