Diversification of the Caribbean Livestock Sector through the Production of Small Ruminants



Project Components:

  • Breed Improvement & Dissemination of Stock: To improve the quality, quantity and availability of small ruminants in the region
  • Technology Transfer & Capacity Building: To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and diffusion of technology to relevant stakeholders
  • Small Ruminant Production: To improve food and nutrition security in the CARICOM Region through the increased production of small ruminants, milk and processed products
  • Marketing and Processing: To improve the marketing channels and processing options so as to ensure maximum value to the producers and consumers


    The six (6) traditional banana growing parishes in Jamaica: – St. Mary, St. Thomas, Portland, St. James, Clarendon, St. Catherine

    Executing Agency:


    Implementing Agency:

    Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Research and Development Division

    Programme Funding:

    Common Fund for Commodities

    Project Duration:

    The Programme will end in 2016

    Overall Objectives:

    To improve the productivity and quality of meat (raw and processed) and the volume and value of the marketable off-take of small ruminants livestock in the targeted countries. To enhance the income and food security of small scale mutton and chevon farmers, attaining, by the end of the project cycle, an additional 25% of the local demand for small ruminant meat in Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. To promote domestic production/consumption To encouraging import substitution of meat products Sustainable development of the Small Ruminant sector

    Broad Objectives:

    This small ruminant project is based upon developing the best quality product through breeding and capacity building along the small ruminant industry development chain which includes livestock quality, producer capacity building, meat production as well as processing and by-product utilization.