Pest Risk Analysis Unit

The protection of the country’s plant life - consumable and inedible - is paramount in the operations of the PRA Unit. Our main function is to manage the introduction of invasive pests through the examination of possible pathways by which these may enter the country. Surveillance of crop production areas throughout Jamaica is also part of our purview.

At the PRA Unit, a scientific approach is taken to assess the health of all commodities either entering or exiting the country, which is necessary to meet international trade treaties to which Jamaica is signatory. By adhering to the sanitary and phytosanitary conditions outlined by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), we are facilitating international market access while sustaining national food security.

Services & Programmes

  1. Import Pest Risk Analyses
  2. Export Pest Risk Analyses
  3. Surveillance

Pest Risk Assessments

  1. Dickeya solani[February 2010]

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