Procedures for Exportation of Agricultural Produce

  1. Obtain packing house requirements from the Plant Quarantine main office.

  2. Make an appointment for the inspection of the packing house by a Plant Quarantine Inspector.

  3. If the packing house is approved, the following information must be provided:
    • Name and address of company

    • Location of packing house

    • Name, address and telephone number of contact person

  4. If packing house is approved, the Chief Plant Quarantine Officer will prepare a letter to the Export Certification Officer, JAMPRO, requesting that they proceed with the certification process.

  5. All produce for export must be prepared and packed in an approved packing house.

  6. All produce must be appropriately packaged in new, clean, properly labelled bags or boxes.

  7. Labelling on packages must coincide with the information on the export documents.

  8. A Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspector must inspect all shipments.

  9. Appointments for inspection must be made 24 hours in advance before the shipment is brought to the export complex or before the time when the inspector is to inspect the shipment at the packing.

Contact us:
Plant Quarantine Main Office
(876) 977-0637, 977-6992, 977-6401

Export Complex - Kingston
(876) 924-8906, 924-8736, 924-8742

Export Complex - Montego Bay
(876) 940-9146, 940-5661