Beet Armyworm

Spodoptera exigua, other wise called Beet Armyworm, has a relatively brief developmental time under field conditions (Ali & Gaylor 1991), permitting rapid cycling of generations. It also has a high reproductive capacity, with average calculated fecundities ranging from 604.7 to 1724.7 eggs per female (Wilson 1934, Hogg & Gutierrez 1980, Chu & Wu 1992). A simple calculation illustrates this point.

Assuming a population sex ratio of 1 female to 1 male, a realized field fecundity of 200 eggs (approx. 2 egg masses) per female...Read more

Beet amrny worm infestation


Proposed Management Strategies

  1. Monitoring of S. exigua populations needs to be implemented to mitigate future outbreaks.
  2. Need to determine alternate hosts within 5-10 km of affected areas. Corn, tomato, cabbage and certain weed species eg wild calalloo as listed earlier should be examined.
  3. Application of Sex Pheromones and Attractants...Read more


Beet Armyworm manual

    Information on the beet armyworm and its management... Read More


    Management of Beet Armyworm

Instructions for using the Reusable Bucket Trap

    Bucket trap
  1. The Bucket Style Funnel Trap is a reusable insect trap for use with pheromone lures. It is available in all-green (Item No. R03101) or white, yellow and green (Item No. R03401)
  2. Assemble trap as illustrated.
  3. Attach lure to the underside of trap top.
  4. Drop an insectide strip (Item No. R17102) into the bucket...Read more