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Minister Samuda welcomes Jamaica Broilers Group US$2 million pellet mill
December 18, 2017
Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, (2nd right) commissioning the Jamaica Broilers Groupís new pellet mill located at the Best Dressed Feed Mill, Freetown, Old Harbour, St. Catherine on Thursday, December 14, 2017. The US$2 million investment in the pellet mill is expected to boost the production level of the Hi-Pro feeds brand. Others sharing in the occasion (l-r) are general operations manager, Best Dressed Feed Mill, Mr. John Carberry; president & CEO, Jamaica Broilers Group, Mr. Christopher Levy; chairman, Jamaica Broilers Group, Mr. Robert Levy, and president, Jamaica Operations, Jamaica Broilers Group, Mr. Conley Salmon.

Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda has welcomed Jamaica Broilers Group’s investment in a new US$2 million pellet mill, which has been installed at the Group’s Best Dressed feed mill facility located in Freetown, Old Harbour.
The facility, which was commissioned into service on Thursday (December 14), will move the production of the Hi-Pro feeds from over 270 thousand tonnes to 350 thousand tonnes per year, making it one of the largest feed mills in the Caribbean.
The new mill will now allow Hi-Pro to meet growing consumer demand with a prompt response to client’s orders, while decreasing waiting time.

Mr. Samuda, who was speaking at the official ceremony commissioning the new pellet mill on Thursday (December 14), said he was impressed with the expanded operations, which reflects another commitment to the development of livestock in Jamaica by the company.

Minister Samuda assured the management and staff of the Jamaica Broilers Group, “you have my 100 per cent support and the support of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries for the efforts that you have been making.

“From what I have seen, the scope and extent to which you have decided to build out this plant signals an attempt to move out in the right direction, that is, to produce all that is required domestically and then  move out into exports where you can earn foreign exchange.  Any venture that embarks on that kind of strategy is the kind of venture that has to be supported.  In this instance, you have   my full support and backing.” the Minister stated.

In the meantime, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Broilers Group, Mr. Christopher Levy informed that the company, over the last five years has made multi-billion dollar investments starting with the silos, the hatchery and now the mill.

He further added that, “although the company has been spreading its wings, throughout the Caribbean, Jamaica continues to be the base and core.  Here is where the company started, and here is where it will continue its operations”.