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June 17, 2013

Food Safety

President Barack Obama, signed into law, January 4, 2011, the new Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  This FSMA, among other things, aims to ensure that the United States food supply is safe, by shifting the focus of federal inspectors from responding to contamination, to prevention.
Thus, countries like Jamaica are subject to increased frequency of inspections, expanded records access, mandatory recall and must be able to demonstrate that their food is safe, traceable and exporting facilities must be registered with the Food and Drug Administration.
Against this background, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MOAF), established in October, 2011, a FSMA committee, to develop a three-year project aimed at improving the capacity of farmers and fresh produce exporters, in being complaint with the FSMA and to ensure continued access of Jamaica’s foods to the United States.
The project is funded by the Government of Jamaica, through the MOAF, the ACP and the Jamaica Social Investment Fund (JSIF).

Major Deliverables
1.       Strengthening Institutional Capacity within the MOAF
This involves the training of technical officers within the Ministry and RADA in Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and other food safety systems.

2.       Public Awareness and Sensitization Programme and Public Education
The public will be made aware of the FSMA and its implications for Jamaica.  This will be accomplished through billboards, television, radio, social media and printed material on GAPs and GMPs.
3.       Provision of Technical and Financial Assistance to Farmers and Fresh Produce Exporters to Meet FSMA Requirements

  • Sensitization of and training of over 5,000 farmers in GAPs, safe and effective use of pesticides, food safety and personal hygiene
  • Soil and water testing for 200 farmers in a pilot project
  • Training and workshops for exporters in GMPs, personal hygiene, food safety and record keeping.
  • Financial assistance for infrastructure upgrade to famers and export facilities.  The funds will be in the form of a grant and will assist the farmers and exporters to meet FSMA requirements.

4.       Rehabilitation of the Agricultural Marketing Complex (AMC)
The AMC will be modified to meet international standards.  Existing warehouses will be re-configured, bathrooms rehabilitated and roof and electrical repairs.



Project Team
Mr. Don McGlashan                -        Director General\

Miss Leitha Geddes                  -        Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Mr. Karl Hyatt                         -        Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Miss Tracey-Ann Wright          -        Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
Mrs. Shelia Harvey                  -        Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch
Mr. Fitzroy White                     -        Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch
Mrs. Cigale Hyman                  -        Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch
Mr. Dalton Hastings                -        Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch
Mrs. Juliet Goldsmith              -        Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch
Ms. Solangie Johnson             -        Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch
Mrs. Avery Smikle                    -        Aquaculture Branch
Mr. Sheldon Elliott                  -        Research and Development

Dr. Susan McLennon-Miguel   -        Veterinary Services Division
Dr. Candice Phipps                  -        Veterinary Services Division
Dr. Wintorph Marsden             -        Veterinary Services Division Mrs.

Marina Young                  -        Rural Agricultural Development Authority
Mr. Winston Simpson              -        Rural Agricultural Development Authority
Mrs. Francine Webb                 -        Rural Agricultural Development Authority
Miss Maxine Brown                 -        Rural Agricultural Development Authority
Mr. Glenville Hall                     -        Rural Agricultural Development Authority

Miss Gail Nelson                      -        Agro-Investment Corporation
Mr. Garry Stephens                 -        Agro-Investment Corporation

Mr. Vincent Thompson            -        Jamaica Social Investment Fund


For further information, contact:
Director General’s Office – 977-5921
Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch – 977-0637
Vincent Thompson (JSIF) – 584-1951; 292-9686
Francine Webb (RADA) 468-6461