Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries Ministry Papers /2015

On Tuesday, April 21, 2015, during his contribution to the 2015/2016 Sectoral Debate, Minister of Agriculture, Labour and Social Security, the Hon. Derrick Kellier tabled 16 Ministry Papers, detailing our activities and successes. They are listed as follows:

1. Agro Park Development Programme

To date, nine Agro Parks have commenced implementation.Total lands of 2,711 ha targeted under the Agro Parks initiative for 2014/15 under the MOAF’s Strategic Business plan.  Of this amount 1,821 ha are under the direct management of Agro Invest.  The remaining amounts of 890 ha are under the management of private investors.  Of the 1,821 under AIC’s management, 1,546 ha have been leased representing 84.89% percent.  The remaining 16.11% is at different stages of lease agreement processing…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

2. Banana Export Expansion Programme (BEEP) 

Jamaica’s banana industry has been characterized by periods of prosperity interspersed with periods of great economic, social and environmental challenges. In spite of setbacks as a result of hurricanes, disease outbreaks, inequity in grower representation and changes in the international marketplace, the industry has risen consistently to overcome these apparently insurmountable obstacles…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

3. Aquaculture Development Initiatives 

Aquaculture activities primarily occur on the southern plains of Jamaica with the parishes of St. Catherine and Clarendon accounting for the highest concentration and acreage of farms. In total, it is estimated that there are approximately 2,456 acres of ponds of which 1,061 acres or 43% are in active production…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

4. Report on activities in furtherance of the proper management of the Pedro Cays

The Pedro Bank is a large offshore bank (8,040 km2) located south of mainland Jamaica. It is the most important fishing ground in Jamaican where queen conch and spiny lobsters are harvested for export. A significant proportion of finfish for local consumption is also caught on the Pedro Bank. The Pedro Cays have been used as a base by fishers since the 1950s…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

5. Food Safety and Global Gap Certification of Agro-Parks

Food safety is an issue of growing importance due to several world-wide trends that contribute to increasing safety risks in food systems, such as the growing movement of people across borders; increased movement of agricultural and food products across borders; rapid urbanization; changes in food processing and handling practices; and the re-emergence/emergence of critical diseases, pathogens, toxins and other issues…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

6. Jamaica 4-H Clubs Interventions

The Jamaica 4-H Clubs recognises the high level of youth unemployment that currently exists. In order to promote continued youth development the organization has undertaken several programmes to aid in the reduction of youth unemployment. Additionally, in assisting the GOJ to achieve its target of cutting the food import bill, the Jamaica 4-H clubs have assisted the youths in agriculture in becoming a part of major initiatives aimed at increasing local production of several highly imported agricultural produce...READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

7. Jamaica Dairy Development Board

The Jamaica Dairy Development Board in its effort to provide current and reliable information to fulfill its mandate funded a national cattle census in 2014. The Draft Report is completed and will be finalized in the first quarter of 2015/2016. The outcome of the census will provide knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences that will result in the development of programmes for capacity building…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

8. Achievements of Traditional Crops for 2014

Gross output for Traditional Export Crops increased by 30.5 per cent (see Table 1). The increase in output was attributed to improved output for the crops Banana, Sugar Cane and Cocoa. Banana and Sugar Cane combined accounted for over 80 per cent of the value of the Traditional Export Crops sub-industry. Earnings from Traditional Export Crops were US$17.0 million compared with US$22.1 million in 2013…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

9. Export Initiatives

This Export Initiative Programme is designed to act as a catalyst to promote Jamaica's exports on a sustained basis, based upon a ‘focus product’ and ‘focus market’ concept. With the aim to continuously increase our share of global trade and expand employment opportunities, the Ministry has taken on a slew of initiatives to boost exports and certain special focus commodities have been identified…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

10. Interventions in the School Feeding Programme

To stimulate economic activity in Jamaica and in particular, rural agricultural development, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has strategically linked selected product growth areas to defined market opportunities. One such market opportunity is the School Feeding Programme (SFP). The Ministry’s effort complements the mission of Nutrition Products Limited (NPL) …READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

11. Rationalization of Selected Agricultural Commodity Boards, as well as the Export Division

The matter for tabling is to provide an update on initiatives being undertaken for the establishment of a Jamaica Agricultural Commodities Regulatory Authority (JACRA), which will set quality standards, provide quality assurance services, and generally regulate trading in the Coffee, Cocoa, Coconut and the Spices Industries…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

12. Report on the Achievements of the Sugar Transformation Unit

In 2003, Brazil, Thailand and Australia submitted a complaint to the World Trade Organization (WTO) that challenged the legality of subsidies applied to European Community sugar. Arising from the WTO’s ruling in favor of the three countries, the European Union (EU) agreed to a programme of reforms to its sugar regime which resulted in a reduction of 36% in the guaranteed price paid for sugar exported by ACP countries to the EU.  Consistent with its Revised Sugar Adaptation Strategy and  the Sugar Area  Development Programme, the  Sugar Transformation Unit’s achievements  for FY 2014/15 are as follows....READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

13. Research and Development Division

The Livestock Research and Improvement Unit through its Animal Breeding and Husbandry Programme is responsible for the conservation and maintenance of the national collections (gene banks) of cattle breeds (Jamaica Hope, Jamaica Black and Polled Jamaica Brahman cattle)…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

14. National Irrigation Commission

The NIC supplies irrigation water to its customers using groundwater (40%) and surface water sources (60%). The NIC operates 76 sources, 70 wells for abstraction of ground water and 6 surface water intakes. The NIC maintains an island-wide coverage through ten (10) irrigation districts located in the parishes of Catherine, St. Thomas, Trelawny, St. Elizabeth, Clarendon and Manchester…READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

15. Capture Fishery Development Initiatives

Severe over-exploitation has resulted in reduced catches and a shift to lower quality species in Jamaica. Therefore the need for species diversification is urgent. Sea cucumbers, oysters, glass eels and pelagic species are among the several un-utilized and under-utilized species that are believed to have potential for development...READ MORE & DOWNLOAD

16. Food Security Initiatives

The need for food security has emerged as a national priority, as global economic and environmental forces combine to threaten food supply and prices. In an effort to boost national agricultural production, the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries has been promoting the “Eat What We Grow …Grow What We Eat” concept to encourage consumers to support more locally grown foods and farmers to produce more of what we consume...READ MORE & DOWNLOAD