How to Apply for Import/Export Permits

Importers, customs brokers and the general public can apply for an import/export permit using the MOA Trade System.

  1. Apply directly online using Ministry of Agriculture Trade System (MOATS) .

Application Requirements

To fast track the application process the following are required:

  1. The importer’s Tax Registration Number (TRN), including the branch number where applicable.
  2. A maximum of twenty (20) items per application form. (There is no limit on the number of applications which can be submitted at any given time).
  3. One (1) cheque per importer. This cheque may cover the cost for several application forms bearing the TRN of the same importer only. Payments cannot be combined on a single cheque for different TRN holders and/or permit applicants.
  4. Consignor information including name, address, contact number and email address
  5. Total weight of goods ( stated in kilogram or pounds)
  6. Product information such as
    1. Origin
    2. Contact details of the processing facility
    3. Scientific Name of the product (where applicable)
  7. Upon registering to use the online service, users desiring to effect electronic payments will be required to provide an email address for receiving confirmation of their transactions.
  8. Automatically Generated Receipts
    On completion of the application process, applicants will be provided with an automatically generated printed receipt.

Payment of Fees

Applicants may make payments in-office at any of the authorized locations or online for Import Permits. However payments for Import Inspections must be paid at the relevant Offices.

Please note range of fees below for Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Services:



Where weight of import does not exceed 10,000 kg


10,001 kg – 25,000 kg


Over 25,000 kg


Amendment to Import Permit




Where weight of import does not exceed 10,000 kg


10,000 kg – 25,000 kg


25,001 kg – 50,000 kg


Over 50,000 kg

(plus $0.05 for each additional kg)



Import inspection fees must be paid when collecting permits. Permits will not be issued without the inspection fee