Closed Seasons

Closed seasons are periods within which no fishing, hunting or capture of a specified animal is allowed by law. These periods coincide with the peak breeding seasons of the species, and are so instituted to allow the animals to mature and revive its population.

Currently, two marine species have closed seasons in Jamaica, namely the:

  1. Queen Conch and
  2. Caribbean Spiny Lobster


Closed Season:

The Fisheries Division of the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries hereby informs the public that the 20142015 Close Season for conch is still in effect. The Close Season for conch will be extended by thirty-one (31) days so that it continues until March 31, 2015. During this period the fishing, selling, processing or importation of queen conch is strictly prohibited by law. The public is also hereby advised that even after March 31, 2015, fishing for conch is prohibited by law unless the fisher is in possession of a specific licence to fish or cause conch to be fished. Any queries or request for further information may be directed to a Fisheries Officer of the Fisheries Division at 923-8811(-3); facsimile at 937-6726; email



Closed Season:

April 1 – June 30 each year


It is against the law to catch, buy or sell lobsters during the Lobster Close Season. It is also against the law to catch berried lobsters (with eggs) or undersized lobsters (under 3.5 inches in carapace length) throughout the year.


Six months in prison.


Possession of lobsters without declaration is strictly prohibited. Call the Fisheries Division and declare the amount you have in stock. See PDF doc attached


Tell others about the closed seasons. Patronize only restaurants that refrain from serving conch or lobster during their closed season.


Report breaches to: