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FINANCING SOURCE:  B-21.03.18/856/04; B-21.06.05/856/04; JM/BAN/2008/020-088 Special Framework of Assistance for Banana - the EU Banana Support Programme (EUBSP) in Jamaica

  1. Grants awarded under Call for Proposals SFA 2006/SFA 2007-
    Published on February 15, 2009


Name & Address

Action title

Action location

Action duration (Months)

Grant amount
(Euro) *

Total eligible action costs (%)

The Competitiveness Company
1 Winchester Road      
Kingston 10
Jamaica WI
Diversify to Compete:  Technology, Innovation and Collaboration in a Deep Rural Community Northern St. Catherine 18 months 132,270,400 75
Christian Aid
14 South Ave
Kingston 10
Strengthening Capacities for Sustainable Livelihoods Phase 2 Johnson Mountain, Spring Bank, Mount Vermon, Somerset and Trinityville in St. Thomas 24 months 315,000 75

* Funded from SFA 2006 only


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