Public Gardens

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries, as part of its mandate for the continuous maintenance and improvement of gardens in Jamaica, has commissioned the Public Gardens Division to have the direct responsibility for three botanical gardens and two scenic avenues.

A canopy of Royal Palms (Roystonea regia ) beckons visitors to stop for a while at Bath Gardens, which is the second oldest garden in the western hemisphere. It was established in 1779, in the parish of St. Thomas. At present, Bath is the oldest remaining garden in Jamaica, occupying 0.4 hectares of land. It is located only two kilometres (2 km) from the mineral rich, hot spring at Bath Fountain. More

Known for its array of plants, Castleton Gardens is a haven for many birds and offers a delightful appeal for anyone who wishes to hide away for a while from the hustle and bustle of a hectic life. Castleton was once famous for its majestic display of over 180 species of palms and a number of other plants which were introduced particularly from the famous Kew Gardens in England. More

Cinchona Gardens nestled in the cool, moist hills of east rural St. Andrew was established in 1868 by then Governor, Sir John Peter Grant. It was once a wonderland for many European researchers seeking to explore the many species of plants and their medicinal properties. More

Fern Gully, located in North East St. Ann, is in close proximity to Ocho Rios. This 4 kilometres stretch of roadway is lined with many species of ferns on both banks canopied by tall trees, that meet overhead, filtering most of the sunlight to create a cool rain forest condition.

Holland Bamboo Grove is located in Lacovia, St. Elizabeth - the bread basket of Jamaica. The avenue is approximately 4 kilometres long and portrays a beautifully arched and shaded arrangement of bamboos on both sides of the roadway. Holland bamboo (also known as Bamboo Avenue) is a heritage site and one of Jamaica’s tourist attractions, which is said to be the most photographed place in the island. More


Hope Botanical Gardens The Ministry also has oversight responsibility for the Hope Botanical Gardens and Zoo which is being managed, since May 2005, by a non-government organization, Nature Preservation Foundation.

The Foundation’s functions comprise improving the aesthetics and biological content of the gardens, with an emphasis on conservation of species endemic to Jamaica. Plans are underway to establish a Plant Conservation Centre, a medicinal grove, a plant nursery and an Orchid House.

Crop management and botanical information can be obtained through the Public Gardens Division on request. Some plants are also available for commercial sale.


The mission of the Public Gardens Division is to establish and maintain a collection of plants including trees, shrubs, grass, and vines; and to promote the development in plant conservation, research, education and passive recreation.


Public Gardens
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