Plant Quarantine

The Plant Quarantine Unit falls under the Technical Services Directorate of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries. Plant Quarantine is Jamaica’s first line of defence against the introduction of exotic pests and diseases. This Unit is mandated to ensure that only the highest quality, pest free cut flowers and fresh produce are exported from and imported into the island.The Unit functions under the legal framework of the Agricultural Produce Act 1926 and the Plants (Quarantine) Act, 1993.

The Unit has its head office at 193 Old Hope Road, which serves as the overall administrative office for the two export complexes, one at the Norman Manley International Airport and the other at the Sangster International Airport. The Plant Quarantine Unit is headed by the Chief Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspector, with support staff consisting of: two Senior Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspector, two Export Complex Managers, and 32 other staff members.

Basic Role:

  1. To ensure that harmful pests and diseases do not enter the country.
  2. To ensure that only the highest quality, pest free produce is exported from the country.


  1. The Plant Quarantine Act.
  2. The Agricultural Produce Act.

Basic activities relating to importation are:

  1. Issuing of permits for the importation of agricultural produce.
  2. Inspection of shipments of agricultural produce entering the country.
  3. Inspection of incoming passenger baggage for the presence of prohibited material.

Export requirements:

  1. Exporter must have a certified packing house.
  2. Exporter must be registered by JAMPRO.
  3. All exports must be inspected and certified by a Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspector.
  4. Exports must be properly prepared and packaged.