Agricultural Planning and Policy Division

The major purpose of the Agricultural Planning Policy and Development Division is to provide information on a continuing basis to assist the Ministry in formulating agricultural policies, within the ambit of national development, and to play a leading role in all aspects of agricultural development planning. The division has responsibility for directing and supervising the work of the following units.

The Agricultural Marketing Information Division, AMID, was created, under the restructuring of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries, through a merger of the Data Bank & Evaluation Division with the Marketing & Credit Division.  AMID will serve to be the main supporting entity to drive the marketing thrust of the Ministry; conduct market-chain analyses; manage incentives to stakeholders within the agricultural sector; design and manage systems for the provision of national statistical data on agriculture; and provide policy and planning information that will guide improvements in production, productivity, value-added and marketing in the agricultural sector.

Specifically, AMID will:-

  1. Provide internal and external clients with a first-rate statistical service through the timely collection, storage and dissemination of accurate data and agricultural marketing analyses, on the agricultural sector.
  2. Provide the Ministry with data and analyses that will form the basis for formulating marketing and other policies.
  3. Carry out impartial and objective evaluations of agricultural programmes and projects in the Ministry.
  4. Provide timely market information and intelligence that can serve to stimulate and promote investment in the agricultural sector.
  5. Monitor and facilitate the operations of Commodity Boards and Statutory bodies falling under the Ministry.
  6. Administer incentives offered by the Ministry to farmers and agro-processors.

The Economic Planning Division is responsible for the qualitative and quantitative study and analysis of agricultural variables that play a vital role in the formulation of policies, economic plans, programmes and projects within the national plan. The division is the primary interface between public and private entities, seeking to engage in discourse for areas requiring technical expertise in agricultural economics, economic analysis and research. The division also facilitates the drafting and design of various policies and programmes aimed at enhancing the productive efficiency of Jamaica’s agricultural sector.

The Economic Planning Division provides the following services:

  1. Cost of Production Data — which is updated annually for the non–traditional domestic crops. This data is available to farmers and the public free of charge. Click here for cost of production data
  2. Production of farm models for different agricultural enterprises. These models use financial analyses to indicate profitability and viability of farm enterprises.
  3. Technical advice on government policies and plans for the agricultural sector.

The Ministry in 2006 commenced preliminary work for the preparation of The Comprehensive Agricultural Policy and has requested technical assistance from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) for the fulfillment of this policy. The objective of the policy is to achieve a comprehensive framework for rural and agricultural development, to promote investment, job creation and rural prosperity.

Currently there are several policies being pursued by the Ministry , which are at various stages of development. The following table gives a synopsis of these policies and their current status. More...